At LyricMate, we believe in community

Which is why charity and supporting communities is a huge aspect of our operations. There would be no music without community, and there would be no community without charity with all those guys who are always ready to give those in need a little boost.

So let's get started

2020 has basically gone to sh*t. Seriously.

There's this really weird virus running around, we gotta quarantine to protect others, and there are the unfortunate events surrounding the unlawful murder of George Floyd. We are in full support of his justice, and believe that all black lives are human lives, they matter.

Rioting at a protest

That's why we donate. To help the world's heroes, big or small, rich or poor.

We need to give back to during these times. Now, it is better and easier than ever to pitch in and give support to those whose voices have been drowned out for centuries. That's why we donate to various organisations supporting the BLM project, including the NAACP and Campaign Zero so that we can bring justice to the oppressed, and create equality in our nation.


We believe that life is a basic right for all. That's why we're fighting for justice and equality.

Use our online tool to donate to the BLM movement for free! All we ask for is your time.
If you would like to make a contribution and help us bring justice to the silence, to bring equality to the oppressed, click one of the buttons below:

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